WellCare Health Plans’ Nebraska subsidiary announced today that it will be launching an SMS-based newborn and postpartum care resource program for members who are new mothers. Developed through a partnership with patient engagement and marketing firm GoMo Health, the “Baby’s First” program is designed to directly provide new mothers with the answers to common childcare questions as they arise.

“Many new parents are overwhelmed due to all the changes a new baby brings, which can lead to questions regarding a baby’s health like ‘Is this normal?’ or ‘What do I do?'” Dr. Stephen Lazoritz, medical director at WellCare of Nebraska, said in a statement. “This program will provide our members as well as the community answers to help give their babies the best possible start in life and to support good health.”

The free program is available to new mothers from the baby’s birth to 15 months postpartum. After signing up through

Article source: http://www.mobihealthnews.com/content/wellcare-nebraska%E2%80%99s-sms-program-delivers-childcare-education-new-mothers

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