With 2017 quickly nearing, it’s time to take the pulse of the industry to see what mobile marketers will be planning as the new year approaches. 2016 saw everything from chatbots, mobile video, location-based marketing, artificial intelligence, and even Pokémon Go. What are marketers thinking as they plan for 2017?

Coupons, Coupons, Coupons

Retail marketers will be focusing on coupon delivery in 2017. Studies have shown that 40% of consumers don’t make a purchase simply because they left their coupon at home. Mobile-enabled coupon delivery eliminates this obstacle. Additionally, many consumers say that these mobile couponing programs actually motivate them to make purchases more often. Mobile coupons have been seen to increase redemption as much as 10X over their print at home counterparts.

Mobilizing these coupon programs is essential to capturing the all-important millennial shopper, who will spend more than $200 billion annually starting in 2017, according to an article in Advertising

Article source: http://www.business2community.com/mobile-apps/can-mobile-marketers-expect-peers-2017-01681381

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