A few weeks ago, I was standing inside what was known in London for many years a white elephant: The Millennium Dome. Situated at the Greenwich Peninsula, it was meant to celebrate ‘a new Britain’ at the turn of the century. It failed to do so spectacularly. After devouring over £530 million worth of national funds, the Dome was labelled a ‘complete waste of time and money’.

That is, until the telecom operator O2 decided to use it for a rebranding exercise. Renamed The O2 in May 2005, the operator successfully turned this white elephant into an indoor arena, music club, cinema, exhibition space and an international tennis venue. The huge white marquee held up by twelve, 100-metre-high yellow support towers (one for each hour of the clock or month of the year) is now one of the most famous and instantly recognisable venues in London. The O2 also

Article source: http://aurora.dawn.com/news/1141634/when-branding-power-meets-mobile

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