India has climbed to third spot from the ninth last year in terms of using marketing automation solution (MAS). About 57% marketers in India have a well-defined marketing budget allocated for marketing technology and 10% of them have allocated more than 8% for MAS, says Research Next and Netcore’s B2C Marketing Automation Report India 2017.

MAS refers to the use of software systems for the goal of automating marketing actions and tasks such as sending emails, SMS’ to consumers, social media, customer journey mapping and predicting trends, cross-channel customer interaction and real-time engagement such as the use of artificial intelligence software for chatbots, in-app notifications, geo-fencing.

While the international firms such as Adobe, Oracle, IBM, Experian, Hubspot and others offering MAS systems could cost in crores, the MAS solutions offered by Indian firms costs start from Rs 5 lakh and could go to crores,

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