This may seem like an odd comment for an email marketing advocate to make; in fact, readers of my previous blog posts might wonder what I’m on about. After all, I’ve drafted post after post about segmentation best practice, the reactivation of dead leads and how to achieve true personalisation, and time after time I’ve hailed email as one of the incredible tools that can make the holy grail of ROI a reality.

But the important distinction is this.

Email marketing is, admittedly, an important channel that brands can use in an attempt to nurture relationships with prospects and customers. I’ve seen first-hand the benefits that effective email marketing can reap, which is why I love it. But it is just one single route.

What about direct mail? What about SMS marketing? Paid search? The role of the telephone? The carefully-timed importance of face-to-face interaction?

For many brands, these wider channels have an unequivocal

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