On Dec. 3, text messaging celebrated its 24th birthday. Since the first short message service — or as we call it, SMS — text was sent in 1992, texting has evolved from a rarely used gimmick to one of the most dominant forms of communication. To commemorate the world SMS birthday, here are six ways texting has evolved since it was introduced.

1993: Nokia introduces the first mobile phones compatible with text messaging.

The GSM (Global System for Mobiles) devices were the first handsets that allowed users to text back and forth. To this day, GSM is the global standard for mobile communication outside of the United States.

1995: T9 predictive text is invented.

T9 — aka “text in 9 keys” — enabled devices to predict words based on the previous keys typed. The technology simplified the process of texting and helped the budding form of

Article source: https://mic.com/articles/161407/world-sms-birthday-6-ways-texting-has-evolved-since-it-was-introduced

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