Open-source CRM software platform X2CRM has announced the release of X2CRM version 6.5 introducing location marketing into its existing suite of enterprise applications for marketing, sales and customer service. Marketers using the open-source CRM platform can now manage clients seamlessly using a simplified and fully customizable app dashboard. The new application for check-in location marketing is supported on Android and iOS apps.

X2CRM V6.5 Open Source CRM features a built-in workflow and marketing automation capability, making it the most powerful scalable CRM automation platform currently available in the open-source marketplace. The new platform includes both CRM workflow automation designer as well as a sales and service process designer in single integrated suite. Powered by a user-friendly interactive dashboard, the new CRM platform can be configured for the web and mobile apps with a seamless workflow.
“With version 6.5, we (are) introducing the powerful tool of location tracking in every customer and

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